Closing down
This wiki will disappear July 31st 2018. It is currently being migrated to:

New to Weka?
Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (= FAQ), the Troubleshooting article or search the mailing list archives.
Don't forget to check out the documentation on the Weka homepage and the Learning Resources.

You have questions regarding Weka?
You can post questions to the Weka mailing list. Please keep in mind that you cannot expect an immediate answer to your question(s). The questions are mainly answered by volunteers, Weka users just like you.

You are looking for packages? (Weka 3.7.2+)
You can easily install packages through Weka's package manager interface, either official ones or unofficial ones.
Have a look at the Packages article for more information on this topic.

You found a bug?
Please post the bug report to the Weka mailing list. The following information will help tracking things down:
  • version of Weka (e.g., 3.7.3)
  • operating system (e.g., Windows 7 or Ubuntu 10.10 64bit)
  • Java version (e.g., 1.6.0_24 64bit)
You can also run the following command in the SimpleCLI and attach the generate output as text file to your post:
  • java weka.core.SystemInfo

Thinking about joining this wiki?
Remember, this wiki is for documentation purposes alone. All content in this wiki is public and can be accessed without being a member of the wiki. It is not used for asking questions or discussing problems (see above).

History of this wiki
A previous version of the wiki, in Wikispaces format, was hosted on sourceforge.net. The content was then migrated to a new wiki in MediaWiki format, and the old wiki was decommissioned. During the migration, in order to avoid excessive downtime, we moved the content to what was intended to be a temporary wiki on wikispaces.com. However, since it was significantly faster than the MediaWiki hosted on sourceforge.net, we have made it the official permanent Weka wiki.

2015-10-22: Our 2,000th wiki member is maen87

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