AUC = the Area Under the ROC Curve.

Weka uses the Mann Whitney statistic to calculate the AUC (source) via the weka.classifiers.evaluation.ThresholdCurve class.


>= 3.5.1


See ROC curves.


See ROC curves.


Classifiers can output the AUC if the -i option is provided. The -i option provides detailed information per class.

Running the J48 classifier on the iris UCI dataset with the following commandline:
 java [CLASSPATH|-classpath <your-classpath>] weka.classifiers.trees.J48 -t /some/where/iris.arff -i
produces this output:
 == Detailed Accuracy By Class ==
 TP Rate   FP Rate   Precision   Recall  F-Measure   ROC Area  Class
   0.98      0          1         0.98      0.99       0.99     Iris-setosa
   0.94      0.03       0.94      0.94      0.94       0.952    Iris-versicolor
   0.96      0.03       0.941     0.96      0.95       0.961    Iris-virginica

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