Can I check how much memory is available for WEKA?

You can easily check, how much memory WEKA can use (this depends on the maximum heap size the Java Virtual Machine was started with).
  • developer version
    • start the SimpleCLI
    • run the following command:
      java weka.core.SystemInfo
    • the property memory.max lists the maximum amount of memory available to WEKA
  • book version (and developer version)
    • start the Explorer
    • right-click in the log panel
    • select Memory information to output the information to the log
In case you should run into an OutOfMemoryException, you will have to increase the maximum heap size. How much you can allocate, depends heavily on the operating system and the underlying hardware (see sections 32-Bit and 64-Bit of the Java Virtual Machine article). Also, have a look at the OutOfMemoryException section further down.