ARFF Syntax Highlighting

Here you can find syntax highlightings for various editors:

  • Notepad++
    Copy the contents of tag of the file into your %APPDATA%\Notepad++\userDefineLang.xml file.
    (Ensure that you maintain the XML structure). If userDefineLang.xml does not exist, simply rename the arff.notepadplus file to userDefineLang.xml

  • TextPad
    Copy the file into your <TEXTPAD-DIR>/system directory.
    Then run the wizard for adding a new document class (Configure -> New Document Class...).

  • Ultraedit
    Just copy/paste the content of the file in your <ULTRAEDIT-DIR>/WORDFILE.TXT file.
    Adjust the /Lnn language number that it fits into the numbering of your current settings.

  • vim/gvim
    Save the file in your $HOME/.vim/syntax directory.
    You can enable the syntax with :set syntax=arff.