Customizes display of plots and certain curves in the GUI.


  • >= 3.1.9


  • weka.gui.visualize.precision
    Maximum precision for numeric values
  • weka.gui.visualize.Plot2D.axisColour
    Colour for the axis in the 2D plot (can use R,G,B format)
  • weka.gui.visualize.Plot2D.backgroundColour
    Colour for the background of the 2D plot (can use R,G,B format)
  • weka.gui.visualize.VisualizePanel.displayAttributeBars
    Display the list of one dimensional attribute visualizations
  • weka.gui.visualize.AttributePanel.barColour
    Colour for the background of the attribute bars in the AttributePanel (can use R,G,B format)
  • weka.gui.visualize.Plot2D.instanceInfoFrame (developer version later than 3.5.8 or snapshot, not in stable-3.6)
    Lists the classname for displaying the instance info, e.g., when visualizing the classifier errors in the Explorer. Custom classes only need to be derived from javax.swing.JFrame and implement the weka.gui.visualize.InstanceInfo interface.
  • Threshold curve plots
    • weka.gui.visualize.ThresholdVisualizePanel.ThresholdCurve.XDimension
    • weka.gui.visualize.ThresholdVisualizePanel.ThresholdCurve.YDimension
    • weka.gui.visualize.ThresholdVisualizePanel.ThresholdCurve.ColourDimension
  • Cost curve plots
    • weka.gui.visualize.VisualizePanel.CostCurve.XDimension
    • weka.gui.visualize.VisualizePanel.CostCurve.YDimension
    • weka.gui.visualize.VisualizePanel.CostCurve.ColourDimension
  • Margin curve plots
    • weka.gui.visualize.VisualizePanel.MarginCurve.XDimension
    • weka.gui.visualize.VisualizePanel.MarginCurve.YDimension
    • weka.gui.visualize.VisualizePanel.MarginCurve.ColourDimension


  • Recognized color names
    • black
    • blue
    • cyan
    • darkGray
    • gray
    • green
    • lightGray
    • magenta
    • orange
    • pink
    • red
    • white
    • yellow
  • R,G,B format
    The RGB format is a comma-separated list three integer values (values ranging from 0-255) for RED, GREEN and BLUE.

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